JCM Online Service Announcement

Dear JCM parents,

Hello~! I hope you guys are doing fine with the hot weather that’s been upon us these days~!

This announcement is to explain about recent incident with COVID-19 confirmed person visiting our church last Saturday and Sunday. I’m sure many of you saw it on the news. But after careful investigation, we concluded that there was no further contamination and there’s no more confirmation of COVID-19 from any other church members. But we still have to be careful.

So, SaRang Church decided to close the whole building for 2 weeks from July 15th to July 28th. This means that all of church services will go online for that time period.

For JCM worship, starting this Sunday, July 19th, we will go back to having online service. Also on July 26th, we will be having online service as well. I know that students have been preparing for “Mini-Bible Feast” by memorizing the monthly verses. Our “Mini-Bible Feast” will be postponed to later time. We will make another announcement about it.

However, we will continue to plan for 2020 JCM VBS. The dates will change little bit. We will only do 2 Sundays during our Sunday worship time. We are planning to have it on August 9th and August 16th from 1pm to 3pm. We will give you more details soon.

There are many changes with current situation upon us. I hope you will understand that we are trying to do what we can do to keep our students safe and also serve them to be able to grow in Christ together as one community and one body in Christ.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of our teachers or myself. Thank you!

- JCM, Jubilee Children’s Ministry

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