Daily QT

We use different QT books throughout different grades to help students to learn how good and how important it is to read and meditate on the Word of God daily

  • How to do a daily quiet time with your children

    · Make time that you can commit 20-30 minutes Some people prefer first thing in the morning, some prefer before bed-time.
    Chose what suits your child best.
    · Choose a comfortable location, with appropriate light for study.
    · Have a Bible, Devotional guide, pencil, and notebook with you.
    · Help your child to find the Bible passage listed in the devotional guide.
    · Read the Bible passage with your child, help them to eventually grow into reading it themselves once they are able.
    · Help your child complete the exercises in the devotional guide.
    · Ask your child what they want to pray about and write down in the notebook their prayer requests.
    · Pray with your child

    This is an important habit to make a part of your daily routine and will help you grow in your faith life with your child. We hope that you will make this an important part of your day.

    You may purchase the QT book from our admin team.

QT Book

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